Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God works. Period.

I'm a once a year blogger. I just realized this. I don't have the consistency to blog every day. My life is not interesting enough to read about.

I must say, though,  to anyone reading this, that 0, 1, or 5 people- that God has used this blog to show me things. Looking into the past couple years- which are the precise amount of years I have spent writing on this blog- has provided such a clear picture of the present and why I am where I am. This blog envelops so many stages of my life through the years. I can see who I was, who I am now, and where God may lead me in the future.

I have a tendency to take God's signs, leadings, and direction and say to myself "who am I kidding? I'm only telling myself all this. It's not God."

But it was Zachariah, in Luke 1, while an angel of the Lord was standing right in front of him, telling him he was going to have a son who would prepare the way for Christ..... and Zachariah asks "but how can I know for certain?"  There's the sign to be SEEN in front of him- an angel! There's a sign to be heard- a prophesy! The angel's words! And yet he still needs to be sure. How much am I like that? I get so many signs, confirmations, and directions from God and yet I still hesitate.

How blessed, though, am I that I can just tell God "God, I'm stupid. I need simplicity."

And He gives it. Will I follow?

I better.