Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Introduction: January 2007

So I was thinking it'd be interesting just to have a blog to update everyday and post what God has been showing me. I graduated in June 2007 from high school, and have been taking a year off just working and seeking the Lord. It's definently been a journey and a trying adventure. And since its that time of year, I'll fill this weeks posts with a 'breakdown of the year', sort of like a newsletter.

Here it goes.....starting with January.

The year 2007 began as my family and I were at church listening to our church's annual 'Prophecy Update', a lowdown of the years adventures, specifically pertaining to Biblical prophecy. It is amazing how so many things are happening that God predicted would happen. It is just another sign that He is real.

Thus, January 2007 rolled around, and with it, the last half of my senior year of high school. Also with it came my favorite school subject- Shakespeare's Greatest Hits, otherwise known as SGH, a homeschool drama program that spans over three months. And as it began, the week that followed was filled with auditions. This year, we performed Midsummer Night's Dream and Othello, two of Shakespeare's great masterpieces. I was exceedingly joyful when I was cast in my favorite role yet-Nick Bottom the weaver! God was so awesome to allow me to get me that role. And as January drew to a close, I began rehearsals with 16 of my castmates for Midsummer Night's Dream.

Me at rehearsals

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Twig said...

You got to be Nick Bottom? That is such a fun part--I wish I could have seen it.