Monday, February 11, 2008

If you ever want to be in my shoes for a week...or two...

week in a nutshell... last time I posted it was saturday, February 2 and since I don't really know what to post I'll just write what I did since then.

Sunday: Church 8am, and I think I did something at home that night but I can't remember.
Monday: I went to Heather and Steph's house at around 3 and hung out until 7. We talked, went on a walk...ate dinner.
Tuesday: Worked on my business a bit then went to SGH at 2:45. We covered some good stuff. I can't believe its half over. Its feels like it just started. :(
Wednesday: Work 9-5. Leave for church at 6:25pm
Thursday: Work 9-5...hang at home
Friday: Work 9-5..stop at Target on the way home and purchase a planner for my business. Then am asked by my brother and his fiance shortly after I walked through the door if i would like to accompany them to the gym. I accepted. We worked out for about fifty minutes or so...I did 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes weights, and 10 minutes light weights and stretching.
Saturday: a short shift of 8-12. After returning home and eating lunch, my dad and I went to Fry's and I bought a photo scanner for my business. Then we went to Hollywood video and rented a Wii game. Came home. I decided that before I could hook up my new scanner my pig sty of a room had to be picked bed made...before I could concentrate. So I spent 45 minutes or so doing that..putting a new stand in my room to put my scanner on. Then I started scanning pics for my brother's wedding( i am making them a slideshow). After scanning 25 pics I realized the dpi was set to 300 when I could have set it to 1200 and got better quality pics. But I was too tired, so I decided to wait till the next day to do the rest.
Sunday: Church at 8am. 1 year old nursery at 10 am. Got home, talked to my parents about the sermon( tithing...tough subject! ). Went upstairs to my room and started rescanning those pictures. It took twice as long since the dpi was set I was working on from 2 to about 6. The slideshow is about 1/4 of the way finished.
Monday(today): So far I have woke up, checked my email and facebook, watched a few youtube videos, eaten pancakes for breakfast, took a bath, looked over my lines for MAAN, and written this post. I need to work on my slideshows, scan more pictures, work on my website.......and memorize my lines.

So if anyone ever thought they wished the lived in the days I live in...think again. ;)


Woods said...

interesting idea there boots. maybe i'll do that. yay!

Woods said...

new blog here now boots.