Saturday, January 26, 2008

Short and Sweet

Wow, I cant believe its only been four days since my last post. It feels like forever. Suddenly the weeks go by so slow now.
Not really anything new this week.....I worked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and am off until Wednesday!!!! I'm excited! What shall I do? I might buy my website builder now that I just got paid. I got about 75 bucks more than usual so I have enough money to buy it. Then I can at least get working on building the website so i can finally start my business.
God has really been giving me a new found desire to study His Word. I had been not very excited about reading the Bible, but He has shown me what I can do when I dive into His Word. I can share truth. I'm currently starting to study Ruth. I never totally understood the whole kinsman redeemer thing in the story so now I will. I also have found a blessing in taking notes when listening to my pastor's sermons in church. It really keeps my mind focused and I can understand the word a whole lot better.

Thats about it. The play is going along pretty well, alot of things to remember but as always its a blast!!!


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